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Where Should I Pick Up A Car???

I reserved a car for a week (10/1 - 10/8) in Perpignan, France. The plan was that we would take the train from Barcelona. Now we have revised our trip. We will be leaving Barcelona earlier than planned and spend a few days in Provence before heading back to the Perpignan area. Yes, I know we are backtracking, bit the week near Perpignan can't be changed. The options are to Pick the car up in Perpignan and drive to Arles, take the train from Barcelona to Avignon on 9/28 and pick the car up there, then drive to Arles, or take the train from Barcelona to Arles and wait until the next day to get the car. Ay advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Pick up the car in Perpignan, drive to Arles, take the car back to Perpignan. Driving time from Perpignan to Arles is less than three hours and it's all freeway. Tolls and fuel will run about fifty bucks. The train from Barcelona to Avignon is probably six or seven hours. The train from Barcelona to Perpignan is probably three hours. I don't know what train tickets cost, but 'we' must be more than one fare. Driving, there's enough to see just a bit off the highway to make a day of it in each direction if you have time.

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Thanks Ed. I was thinking that would be the best plan, but I haven't been to that area so I wasn't sure.