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Where should I buy my rail tickets??

I'm planning for my trip to Europe and I'm having trouble figuring out how to puchase tickets for my transportation in advance. :/

I'll be travelling to: Pisa, Florence, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Dusseldorf, and Malmo, Helsingborg, and Jonkoping in Sweden within 1 month.

So at first it seemed like getting a rail pass (global 10 days in 2 months) would be the best option - but it seems like some of the point to points are the close in price to tickets w/ the pass. Also, sometimes it will give me a price for w/railpass and then not give me anything for w/o railpass. Rail Europe is confusing... and I tried but it never gives me any prices.

The only tickets I'm really worried about getting in advance are Milan to Barcelona and Bar to Paris (both overnight trains - we want a couchette or sleeper).

Where is the best place to purchase those and will I be fine not purchasing the rest until I'm there?

Thanks SO much in advance!! I really appreciate it! :)

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"Rail Europe is confusing..." And, it does not give very good answers. RE only gives schedules for trains for which they sell tickets, and these tend to be the most expensive tickets. And they ignore special fares that would be even less, and tend to charge more than you would pay for the same tickets in Europe.

"I tried but it never gives me any prices." only gives prices for trains that start and/or end in Germany. You should be able to find prices for Paris -> Duesseldorf and for Duesseldorf -> Malmo (or at least the first stop in Denmark) on DB.