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where is the best place to pick up a rental car in Rome?

We will be renting a car, heading to Sorrento, then back up to Tuscany then Venice. My husband has never driven in Italy but there are five of us and mobility is an issue for my parents, so we thought we would get a rental car for this portion of our trip. I originally booked the car from Ciampino airport (to pick up) but now I'm not sure that was the best place. All five of us need to get to the airport to pick up the car (we're staying near the Vatican) and that means hauling luggage on a bus. I didn't realize no trains went to this airport. My reasoning for this airport was it looked like he would have to deal with less traffic heading towards Sorrento. Is this the case? Is there a better place to pick up the car? Are there some car for hire that would take us from the vatican area to the airport? Thanks for your help.

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There are shuttles that can take you to Ciampino. You could also pick up at the bigger Fiumicino airport (which will likely have a small pick-up charge) and take the train from Rome Termini to there.

I am pausing to consider the challenge of driving in Italy for the first time in a car (or van) big enough to hold five adults and their luggage, especially from Rome to Sorrento. You might compare costs for shuttle services from Rome to Sorrento.

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If you pick up the car at Fumicino you are very near the circular road that goes around Rome (sorry can't remember the name of it), very easy to get onto and then before long you take the exit to head south. We picked up a car on a late Thursday aft. (next day was Good Friday). Traffic was horrendous, we were in our 60's, and we did just fine, so I don't think you need to worry. Just make sure you have a good road map, take a few deep breathes and consider it one of life's adventures!