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Where does the Circumvesuviano leave from?

We're traveling from Rome to Naples and not sure which station we should arrive into...Garibaldo or Centrale. We want to catch the Circumvesuviano for Sorrento. Also, how often do they run? Thanks!

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Hi Emma,

Go to this page on the Circumvesuviana website and from the drop-down list select "Sorrento". In the "Railway station" section, it lists the route between Naples and Sorrento. Click the "Stop list" to see all the different stops on the way, including the multiple stops in Naples. It does make a stop at "Naples Garibaldi (Stazione Centrale F.S.)" so it looks like Centrale is Garibaldi.

Also you can use that website to get timetables.

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The Circumvesuviana leaves from Napoli Centrale, but you'll need to go downstairs as it's a "separate" station.

They have frequent runs to Sorrento, but I can't recall the exact timing.

A few other points to mention:

  • be sure to watch your valuables carefully on the Circumvesuviana (it has a bit of a "repuatation", although I've never had any problems).

  • don't be concerned about the appearance of the Circumvesuviana. It's not as modern looking as the ES-Italia or other trains, but it will get you to Sorrento.

Happy travels!

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Napoli Centrale and Napoli Garibaldi are both in the same station. The upper railway hub is Centrale. The lower level is part of the Piazza Garibaldi. I believe that the Trenitalia tracks are at the ground level. The Circumvesuviana train tracks are on the lowest level.

Here's the description from the Trenitalia website. "Frequented by some 137 thousand persons per day, 50 million per year, Napoli Centrale is a railway junction of crucial importance for the entire national railways system, with a daily traffic flow of 390 trains. It is located in piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi. The railway hub is comprised of “Napoli Centrale” station at ground level and the “Piazza Garilbaldi” underground station, which has two tracks for the metro and two for the national railways system. In addition, there is a “Circumvesuviana” local railway station beneath Corso Lucci."

The Circumvesuvina train runs twice an hour.

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Emma, when you arrive at Naples, there will be signs directing you to the Circumvesuviano. You buy the ticket before going down to the platform area. Ask them which platform for Sorrento(binari).

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Everyone keeps saying it is downstairs but it is downstairs and to the right as you face the station. We didn't see any signage upstairs but there was signage downstairs and it is a bit of walk.

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Just a slight clarification on an earlier post.

The track number will be shown as Binario. If a Platform is mentioned, it may be listed as Marciapiede. Normally with trains, only the track number is used.