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Where can I get an International Drivers License/Permit?

I am in Ventura County in California. Where is the most convenient or best place to obtain an International Drivers License?

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Usually you local AAA office.

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hey hey 3d
AAA center. you will need 2 passport sizes photos or they take them, drivers license, about $25 and get a that day.
it is called an international drivers permit.

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In Southern California it would be the SCAA...unless the name has changed

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Technically, it’s the “AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California,” with several locations. As noted above, the International Driver’s Permit, along with the necessary photographs can all be obtained there for about $25 and 15 minutes of your time.

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In the US, only AAA is authorized to issue an IDP. Anything on the internet is a scam.

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You can do it through mail and do not actually have to go to an AAA office. You can usually get passport photos made at the AAA, but a lot of office supply and FedEx Office stores make them, too.

Here is what the AAA site says you need to do.
IDP by mail:

If you are not able to visit your nearest AAA branch office, your IDP can be obtained through the mail. Simply enclose the following and mail them to the AAA office nearest you (check locally for payment options):

  • Your completed IDP application form
  • Two original passport pictures each signed on the back
  • $20 USD permit fee
  • A photocopy of both sides of your driver's license
  • If desired, include additional U.S. funds for expedited return mail service. See, or for rates.
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Most countries in Europe don’t require one, so it’s worth exploring that. I would get one for Spain, Italy, Austria, and any country that does not use the Roman alphabet. If you have an endorsement for a motorcycle or truck and you want to drive those types of vehicles in Europe then it’s a good idea to get one,

Most US states have moved to a Vienna Convention format meaning for them the IDP is unnecessary — but California isn’t one of them.

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You have a AAA office in Ventura at : 1501 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA

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Note that the International Drivers' License is only valid in connection with your national one. Don't ever leave that at home, or you will not even get your rental car handed out to you.

How do I know? Well...

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I looked up the AAA site and I am glad to see that I don't need to be a member of AAA to get a driver's permit from them. It seems like a good extra ID to have even if you are not driving, so if you are out and about during the day and not carrying your passport, the International driver's permit would work in most countries as an added ID.
Thanks again to all you responded to my question.