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Where at Gare De Lyon do I catch Air France bus to CDG?

Where outside Gare de Lyon does the Air France bus to CDG pick up passengers? I don't want to miss the bus and Gare de Lyon is a big place. I will be coming to the station by Metro.Thank you.

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Aeroports de Paris, the Charles de Gaulle operator, says the Cars Air-France #4 bus stops at 20 bis rue Diderot in front of Gare de Leon. Note that the main entrance to the station is elevated with a curving ramp driving up to it. That is not where the bus will go. It stops at the curb on Diderot. The service begins at Montparnasse and Lyon is the only stop. There probably will be a porter to shove bags into the luggage compartment but keep a sharp eye on your bag until it is inside. The Aeroports de Paris site is very useful. This link connects to its ground transport page and you will have to scroll well down to find the bus route you want. Here is another schematic map for the bus route. I wouldn't depend on the accuracy of the placement of the symbol for that number on Diderot. Again, scroll well down to find Lyon-CdG. The fare is curently 16.50 €.