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where are you?

Ok, this may be a dumb question, but how do you know which train station you're stopping at while enroute. Along the lines of Chevy Chase, I can envision myself getting off at the wrong stop, and only realizing it after the train pulls away. So, are the train stops announced while you're on the train?

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Announcements are usually made. Some trains have large digital signs listing the stop. At the stations there are multiple large signs on the platforms at the same height as the train windows. It also helps to know exactly what time the train arrives at your destination.

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And make sure you know which station you're supposed to go to if it's a big city. There may be more than one.

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It helps to know the schedule, which you can get in advance from the German Rail website. You can get a detailed schedule of a train, showing every stop, by clicking on the train number "link" on the expanded (detailed) connection. If the train is on schedule, which is usually the case in Germany, you know when you are at your station if the time is right. In any case, keep mental track of the stations. Know the name of the one before you get off. When you leave it, the next one is where you are getting off.

If you are looking at the printed schedule at the station, there is a mark, a target symbol (concentric circles) in Germany. All stops up to the symbol are shown, only major stops after it.

Often, major trains have a printed schedule scattered around the coach.

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We always know our travel day, therefore, we leave home with printed Timetable for that day that show all train stops and the time.

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Train stations are very well marked will signs on the approach to the station. One trick we use is to make a note of the stop/station before we want to get off. That is the one we watch for. Then we know the next stop is ours. And you can always ask someone else in the car. We have never missed a station. However, we have gotten on the wrong train. But that is another whole story.

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Got my schedules are printed up and am ready to go!