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Where's the best place to rent a car?

Hi, My family and I would like to visit the Bastogne/Battle of the Buldge area and we would love to see the The National Museum of Military History in Diekirch Luxembourg. From there we would like to head to the Black Forrest in Germany. (using public transport) So questions are: What airport would be best to fly into? Brussels or Luxembourg What city/town would be a good base to explore the area? Prefer small town or in the country somewhere... Would it be advisible to rent a car? Where would be the easist place to pick up a car? I'm thinking 3 days for the area. Would that be sufficent time? Besides Ricks guide book for the area any other ones you recommend? How easy would it be to get to the Black Forest using public transport from here? or should we maybe head somewhere else first? Any suggested itinerary would be most helpful. Thanks for letting me ask so many questions! Everyone here is such a wealth of knowledge. Wendy

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If you fly out of O'Hare, you'll be able to find nonstop flights to Brussels. You won't find any nonstops to Luxembourg. On the other hand, Luxembourg is about an hour closer to Bastogne. And if you're a WWII history buff, Gen. Patton's grave is at the American cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg - right outside Luxembourg city. I would definitely rent a car for this tour. Driving in those areas is easy. The countryside is charming, especially in Luxembourg. The easiest place to rent one is at the airport. 3 days is plenty of time. We stayed at a very charming country inn in Asselborn, Luxembourg - about a 30-minute drive from Bastogne. Here's their website: The hotel even has its own tiny Battle of the Bulge "museum", a collection of battle artefacts unearthed or found in the area.