When will I be able to book on the DB website for Dec. 2013 travel

I would like to book seats on a train from Amsterdam to Osnabrück for December 20th. It only allows me to book up to December 14th. Does anyone know when the schedules are updated?
Thank you.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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I think it best to keep checking back every so often. I don't think DB commits to a specific date, especially since they have to coordinate with NLS on this route. But they usually don't drag their feet like Trenitalia.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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The semi-annual European train timetable revisions will take effect on 15 December. Until each national rail site loads its new timetables you cannot book beyond 14 December. German Rail is usually the first national rail site to do this. Check the site about once/week and book as soon as everything opens up. Trenitalia is always the last to load theirs.

Posted by Kathy
Germany, Germany
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DBahn has always told me you can book tickets 92 days out. Other lines may be different.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Vanessa, As Sam mentioned, the best plan would be to check the bahn.de website on a regular basis, as the tickets should be available soon. We're within the 92 day window, so not sure why they don't have 20 December listed yet? I assume you're planning on taking one of the direct trains, rather than one with changes? Good luck!

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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The 92 day window is often significantly reduced around the June and December timetable changes. The only upside is that nobody else will be able to book tickets either, so there's no danger of them selling out.

Posted by Beatrix
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Unfortunately, those tickets still sell out super fast because it is a very popular travelling time. And December 20 is a Friday - the busiest day of the week for train travel. I'd definitely check in as often as possible to make sure I don't miss the start of the sale.

Posted by Bets
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You could check daily just after midnight German time, 3 p.m. in Washington state, if you want to grab the tickets when they come on line.

Posted by Beatrix
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I just checked a couple of minutes ago and yes, you can book your tickets now. There are still sales tickets available for 19 Euro. Those won't last. It's the Friday before Christmas so I'd recommend reservations.

Posted by Baz
Brisbane, Australia
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Why the DB site? As the trip starts in the Netherlands book via the NS web site - http://www.nshispeed.nl/ - tickets are 19 euros on their site for the date you want + 4 euros for seat reservation.
Pay on line, print the ticket at home and take it with you - easy peasy.

Posted by Vanessa
Kingston, Washington, USA
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I have been checking daily as recommended and was able to book the tickets this morning at the price of 76 euro for 4 people.
Thanks to everyone who responded.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Deutsche Bahn just sent me an email, saying their new time schedules were up. So, check them again.