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When to shop for October flight

Hi - I will be flying from Seattle to Frankfurt in October, and have been wondering when I should purchase tickets to get the best deal. I have already set up a low fare alert through Kayak. Thanks.

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No one really knows. What you can do is start watching the fares now to get an idea of what they are running. Then you will be able to recognize a good deal when one comes along. Be ready to buy when you see something better because sometimes there are limited seats at the sale price.

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I typically go to Europe final week in Nov and stay for a week or 2. this has been an annual habit for the past 7 years now. I have purchased my tickets as early as May and as late as Aug/Sept. Only once has the ticket price rose on me; I bought tickets to Brussels for $867 in August........In september, they decreased by $100. As many may tell you, there is no method in buying tickets. Once you find a price you are willing to deal with, then go for it. I travel in the winter because I can not justify a $1200 ticket. I wait and go in the winter when I can find a ticket for $650-900.