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When to Buy Train Tickets

I'll be traveling the following routes from mid-June to early July with my wife and didn't know when to buy the tickets; Milan to Monterosso, Monterosso to Rome, Rome to Siena, Siena to Florence (bus), Florence to Venice, Venice to Munich (day train), Munich to Salzburg, Salzburg to Rothenburg, Rothenburg to Bacharach, and Bacharach to Paris. I'm confident that point to point tickets are best and most of the routes can be purchased the day of or when I get to the town, but wanted to check. With the exception of Milan to Monterosso, we will be arriving at least 2 days ahead of when we depart each place. Thanks!

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You can get significant savings on tickets for Italy by buying well in advance and finding a mini fare. They sell out or go up as you get closer to the date of travel. Looking at a random date in late June, I see a mini fare of 9 euros on the 12:10 IC train from Milan to Monterosso. Regular fare, what you would pay at the station, is 23. For Monterosso to Rome, you can purchase the segment from La Spezia to Rome on the fast Frecciabianca for 9 euros. Regular fare is 52. This is the 13:07 train which is a good time. From Firenze to Venice, mini fare of 19 euros instead of the regular fare of 43. On a different day of travel there may be different availability but you should check on Trenitalia now if you want to do this. Just remember that these are reserved seats on a specific train, and if you miss the train, you cannot at that point exchange for a later train; younwould have to buy a new ticket.

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I won't address specific legs in Italy except to point out that you can often get lower price Mini fares online with advance purchase. For Venice to Munich, with advance purchase, you can take the 13:34 EC from Venice to Munich for as low as €39/p, less than half the price of the walkup fare. To get that fare, you would have to purchase at least 3 days in advance, but to get the best price, purchase 92 days in advance. For Munich to Salzburg, use a Bayern-Ticket, an all day pass valid on regional trains after 9 AM workdays, all day on weekends, for €29 for up to five people. You can purchase a Bayern-Ticket at an automat in the station the morning of travel. Do the same for Munich to Rothenburg. For Rothenburg to Bacharach, you could use a Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket, an all day pass for regional train anywhere in Germany for €48, or on weekends, a Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket for €40. You can buy that ticket the day of travel. If you want to do the trip faster with express trains, and are willing to commit to a specific day and trains, you can buy a Savings Fare ticket for as low as €29 each. The Savings Fare tickets must be purchased at least 3 days in advance, but the lowest fares sell out quickly. You'll get the lowest prices up to 02 days in advance. You can also get a buy-in-advance ticket from Bacharach to Paris for as low as €39/p. Again, must be purchase at least 3 days in advance, 92 day preferable.

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Does anyone know the website to buy bus tickets in Italy?/to Tuscany