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The one take away from that article, at least RE buying international tix, is to shorten the advance purchase window from what I remember the general recommendation used to be (pre pandemic I recall 5 months or so, he is suggesting 2 to 3 months). And that makes sense to me given all the problems people report here on changes to ticket itineraries, flight cancellations months in advance, and so on.

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I am glad he clearly distinguished between “what day to buy tickets” and “ what day to fly”. Sometimes the way the question is asked, it is not clear which they mean.

As he says, there “used to be” a perception that there was a “best day of the week” to buy tickets to get the lowest price (I have seen Tuesday mentioned, some years ago). But that is no more, as the airlines use real-time algorithms and dynamic pricing.

But he does say that the “best day to fly” can be on a Tuesday or Wednesday, as demand is usually higher from leisure travelers on weekend, and from business travelers on Mondays.