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When to buy tickets to Europe for May?

I have been to Europe 8 times and love every second. I am trying to go for two weeks in the month of May. Of course prices to go now are much cheaper than what they are in May, but does anyone know if the prices will come down, or when the best time to buy, or wait? I was thinking February or March may be a little better… or who knows, could be worse. I like going on the semi-off season and May is when I have time to go. I went last May, but used a frequent flyer ticket to go. I am looking to fly to Bucharest and then fly out to come back home from Prague, Vienna, Munich, Venice, wherever is semi-close to any of these places. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Chris, you should be able to buy those tickets any time. Check out You can research what historical fare prices have been or can be expected to be. Then whenever you think the price is right, just buy a ticket.

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I'm going to Germany the 2nd week of May - I've been keeping track of airfares for the last year and remember a drop of around $150 near the end of February for late spring flights. I'm holding off for a while - fares have been hovering around $825 since they were released and hoping to get it for $650-700. I think two months in advance is the magic number, with the exception of summer. When I flew to London in November - the fares dropped $200-300 in September. I still get antsy waiting though!

Go to,, and and set up an e-mail alert. They'll send you an email anytime the price drops, or you can set a specific price and they'll e-mail you when it drops to that price.

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I got my april tickets in Sept! and my Sept tickets in OCT/NOV - using miles! 11months ahead gives you the most options! but may is the edge of the off/high season. Depending on which day you LEAVE the USA - which determins the spring or summer rate - then you may save some cash. Check your favorite travel agent - or call the FF# for best info!

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12 to 16 weeks before your May trip the cheap tickets will start to pop up, but start watching now! Sign up for the auto notices on the sites that were mentioned. We do that, and always get a good deal. ($550 R/T PDX to FRA on our June trip last year.)

Prices start to go up after may 25th.

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thanks guys and girls for the great ideas. I was hoping they would drop. I look every day and just hope for the best. Thanks again.


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I was watching CNN today and they report that US airlines are tacking on a huge fuel surcharge on long haul flights. I believe they said flights to Japan added $300-$400 to the fare plus the usual taxes. The only hope for a reasonable airfare is that the actual fare itself goes down (without taxes and surcharges).