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When to buy ticket for November trip to Paris

It's been several years since I've traveled to Europe. I will be going to Paris for a month, leaving mid-Nov to mid-Dec. I'm looking a numerous options re: route and airlines, but do prefer only one connection -- doesn't matter if the connection is in the US or Europe. I'm wondering when you seasoned travelers out there would buy your ticket. I'm watching the fares closely, but right now it's running about $1,200 and it just seems a bit too early for a November flight.

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It is early but $1200 is not a bad price these days. There is no magic moment to buy but I would watch between now and mid summer.

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Aer Lingus shows flights from Orlando to Paris below $900.

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If that Aer Lingus price works for the dates you need, I would snap it up. We bought our Aer Lingus tickets for Italy in June, back in October - 8 months early, which many people would consider too early. Guess what those same tickets are today - 3 1/2 months ahead, where many people think the "sweet spot" for ticket bargains is? - $300/pp more. I'm glad I bought early.

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Use Kayak price alerts. The $900 on Aer Lingus flight sounds great.

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Like they say: When a Southerner dies and goes to heaven, he must transfer to his final destination through Hartsfield/Jackson Airport (ATL.) You're flying in a "low time" of the year, but airlines today are quick to take plans and routes out of service if they're not profitable. I have read in a number of websites that you should purchase your flights about 60 days before departure. I think I'd be watching the near future flight trends in August. I paid $705 into London and out of Rome 3/27 and 4/11/12 respectively. Flights have gone up every month through the Summer to a high of about $1,700. Good luck!

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Thanks all for your comments and advice. I am looking seriously at the Aer Lingus flights as the fare is just below $900 with nonstop flights from Orlando to Dublin then onto Paris. If I miss that fare, I'll keep looking via Kayak and Yapta but I don't think I'll make it until August to book a fare. But I will follow the advice of many others -- once I book, I won't look at any more fares and I'll ignore any subsequent sales!

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For what it's is worth. Not knowing your preferences but flying to Brussels and then taking a high speed train to Paris could save you hundreds. I found a direct flight to Brussels for my trip from Sept 14-Oct 7 round trip from NYC for $595. Add a $200 or way less train ticket and your still way under. I have been tracking my flight for months and it is normally around $700 but then dips into the $500 a few times over the past couple months. I should probably just grab mine but I keep deluding myself it will soon drop to high $400's. haha.