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When to buy ticket for air travel to Europe this summer?

I am flying to Copenhagen in late June, but I haven't yet bought a ticket. As I watch the fares bounce around on and other sites, I am wondering what the opinions on this board are regarding the best timing for buying a ticket (for Copenhagen in particular, and Europe in general). Buy now or wait?

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Buy the ticket anywhere you find the right price. No site is cheaper than another thought the airline sites, themselves, might be $5 cheaper because some general site with charge a small processing fee. It is little like buy stock - the probability of buying the cheapest ticket is low because that is a matter of timing and luck. Second, some people pass up the cheap ticket thinking it might go low and then it doesn't. You need to set a reasonable price you are willing to pay in June, from CA maybe a $1000 to 1100 if it gets close, buy it and don't look back. If you need to save a couple hundred bucks, there are easier place to save in your travel plans than trying to grab a cheap ticket that might never exist.