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When to buy plane tickets with rising fuel costs?

Rick Steves recommends purchasing tickets about 8 weeks out from travel time. Last year I abided by that recommendation and did save several hundred on a trip to England doing so. However, with the fuel costs today, should I buy earlier before it gets worse?

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Know what a good fare to your destination is, know the current trends (ie summer 2011 is higher than last year) and buy when you find a fare that sounds good, whether that's 8 weeks or 8 months before your trip. So, start looking way before your trip--I start looking a year out, if I can. My best finds have always been 6-11 months out. I bought my tickets for this year's Europe trip last December, so I avoided the fuel surcharges that are now tacked on. I also got my pick of flights and seats.

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I suggest getting your tickets ASAP. With whats going on in the Middle East I think prices will only go up and not down. I am traveling to Italy on April 14th and bought my ticket back in January and saved about $200. today.