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When to Buy Plane Tickets to Europe from Canada?

Hi there,

I'm planning on going to Amsterdam in September 2015 and I'm wondering if it's too soon to buy tickets right now. The plan is to leave from Canada to Amsterdam on September 24 and go back home from Prague on October 10. I've seen some decently priced flights with 2 layovers each way while the direct flight to Amsterdam is about $300 more. I don't know if the cost of flights will go down and I should wait or will prices just go up and I need to buy tickets right now.

What would you suggest?


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You could check with a travel agent, but it's difficult to know when the best time to buy tickets is. If you find a good price, I'd just go ahead and buy them soon.

Where in Canada are you flying from? I'd be willing to pay the extra cost to avoid connecting flights as they can sometimes be tiring and that extends the overall travel time. I prefer to get where I'm going in the shortest time possible, but unfortunately in my case that usually involves a minimum of three flights.

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I'm flying from Edmonton. The direct flight I had originally found was $890 last week but now it's $1325 for the exact same flight so I don't know if I should wait or just buy it right now.

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The general rule of thumb is if you see a price you think is good , buy it and don't look back! Watch the prices for awhile to get a sense of what a good price is, but if you see one that is the connection you want at a price you can live with, buy it.

There is no way to truly predict and anyone who tells you that they can predict with 100% confidence is overconfident.

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Have you priced flights to Amsterdam on Icelandair through Keflavik International Airport in Iceland? Icelandair also flies into Amsterdam. They very often let you stopover for one to three days for the same price.

Prague's not the easiest place to fly out of. You'd have two stops to get home from there.

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The time was three to four months ago. Hindsight is a wonderful source of wisdom. Trans-Atlantic prices from east-central Canada for early May started going up in December and are at least 30 per cent higher now. In past years I have found discounts when purchasing at the start of year; not in 2015. Guess I can't win 'em all.