What to expect when flying with a wheelchair

I'll be travelling in a few months with my 88 year mom to Germany. While she can walk with assistance, I'll be taking a collapsible transporter style wheelchair to use most of the time. The flight is Newark – Germany, with unfortunately a change in both directions with Lufthansa. We have used airport wheelchair service before and had no problems, in fact it was much smoother than I expected.
My question is about the actual transporting of her wheelchair. I would assume it would get checked in with the luggage? And the 2 "foot peddles" and the seat cushion she uses? Would I be better off to keep those items with me as hand luggage so they don't get lost? Any past experience/suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by Eileen
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Well, since no one with actual experience has chimed in yet, I'll say that the airline website probably has info on this...I've come across it while searching for other info. Then, I'd print that info and bring it with me, just in case. If necessary, email the airline for info (and print that exchange, too).

Posted by Sharon
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I had to travel once with a collapsable wheelchair - it was a United flight. They let us board in the first group and my husband pushed my wheelchair to the gate. They took it and tagged it there. When we arrived, the wheelchair was waiting for me as we deplaned. It worked quite well.

Posted by Laura
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Tripadvisor has a "Traveling with Disabilities" Forum. You may want to try asking your question there. Here is the link: TA Traveling with Disabilities Forum

Posted by Nancy
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Kurt, you can also check out RS Travel Tips under Plan Your Trip called "Resources for Disabled Travelers". It won't answer your exact question but it lists lots of other resources and links that maybe would. Personally, I'd just check with the airline.