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What station to arrive in Obb from Linz to Prague???

What station do I enter on the Oebb site traveling from Linz or Salzburg to Prague? There are NO trains directly from Salzburg to Prague, but we can go from Salzburg to Linz and catch one of two direct trains to Prague. They make multiple stops, but we don't have to switch trains. The dilemma here is which stations do the trains go to? Does the train stop at Hlavní Nádraží (hl.n) station or Holešovice station? Very confusing... Has anyone done this leg of this trip on the train? I'm not interested in travel by bus or stopping and switching trains from Linz to Prague.

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I put in Linz Hbf to PRAGUE on the German Rail website, and every connection they showed was to Praha hl. n.

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Yeah, but someone on Tripadvisor mentioned that all the trains from Linz go to Holešovice station. Although another guy said hl.l. You see where the confusion lies. The Oebb site shows direct routes to both locations. Hl.l was restored and I read on a search that all international trains end in .hl.l.

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If you pull up the detail on the direct regional train from Linz on the DB site, you'll see that the 11:35 train first stops at Prague (hl. n.) then proceeds to Prague Holosevice.

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If you refer to the German, it helps to remember that " Hbf " (Ger) is "hl n" (Czech). The train could stop at both stations in Prague. If you have a direct connection from Linz to Praha hl n, all the better, otherwise you would transfer in Vienna at Wien Meidling or Wien Hbf. Trains to Prague don't depart from Wien Westbahnhof.

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what used to happen was that many trains did stop at Holesovice but all trains continue on to Hlavini since the opening of a new piece of track ( mostly overhead).Hlavni has undergone a major transformation over the last few years and is now a very nice train station and the more central of the two.