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What Size Rental Car?

My wife and I will spend 5 days driving around Provence. Can we rent the cheapest small car? Do they fit 2 suitcases and will they have enough power to tour the hill towns? We are in our sixties and luckily in good shape but if it means spending a little more to not be crammed in like sardines what size car should we rent? Thanks, David Z from California

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David, Tim and Andrea are right on the target. Small is sooooooooo much easier to get around in. We too are 39+ <g> and have always rented small models (typically, two doors with hatch backs). Last month, we had a peppy Mini-Cooper (3000 km in Croatia) and last year I snagged a 3 cylinder Peugot (2000 km) - GREAT mileage. Many of the European models are quite "boxie" giving you plenty of space in the interior. Also we travel with small bags (sometimes roller bags) which are a breeze to carry up & down stairs and then toss into the trunk (hatch). Get a european GPS (I use my iPhone) and a back up Michellin regional map.
Happy & safe travels.

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I always get the smallest car I can. You will find narrow roads and small parking spaces. Even the smallest car will fit two suitcases, unless they are particularly large.

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To get an idea of how much luggage a particular car will hold, go to Along with pictures of cars in each category, there will be icons showing luggage capacity.

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WE haven't had any problem renting the 'cheapest' small cars. They will fit 2 suitcases (or bags), 2 adults and will have plenty of power. You should not feel crammed in like sardines. The only reason for 2 people to order a larger car is to avoid having any luggage or bags on the back seat. Keep the interior of your vehicle clear of any bags and break-ins should never occur.

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Whether you want manual or automatic transmission may affect what is available. Smaller automatics are more rare.