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What months & what cities are the cheapest to fly into

We're planning on flying from Seattle to Europe sometime in April or May - we are flexible on dates. We'd like to spend several days near Prague visiting friends, but beyond that we're pretty flexible on where we'll travel.

Any thoughts on the cheapest, best place for us to fly into?

Also, is it best to do a round-trip in & out of the same airport, or can you fly into one and out of another without feeling it in the pocketbook?


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Use the planners at a website like Orbitz or Expedia and play around with dates and cities. You can compare roundtrip tickets with multi-city tickets (into one city and out of another) there, too. You'll probably find that leaving on particularly days of the week will be cheaper than other days, some cities will be cheaper than others, etc. There is no single cheapest and best. It depends on where you intend to go and your own timing.

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You might want to check out the sale that US Air is having. I just booked a RT trip to Amsterdam from Seattle for $600 including taxes and fees for June/July. There were also fares to Frankfurt for the same amount. From either airport, you can get inexpensive flights to just about anywhere in Europe.

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GERMANY in general has lower fares. Air France is advertizing a special now for France travel but fast for best deals from Seattle. Stay away from Easter holidays in general for travel. Open jaws flights are variable depending on season and location. use a consolidator like cheaptickets or expedia for a guide. it may take some time to find best deals. only you can decide what is worth it. Time vs cost savings.

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Cost of air fare depends or your travel dates. The fares vary by the day.

In reading past posts, I learned that each airline changes the ticket cost every day for every flight depending on the number of empty seats on each flight. You can't outguess the system.

Successful travelers say they call every airline they are considering every day when they can until they find the lowest fare. I have used that method in the past 20 years.

That will require a great time investment for you, but it is evidently profitable for some.

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Keep in mind, too, that sometimes airlines offer deals that are only available online. Calling won't get you those deals.

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To echo the previous poster, I've seen a lot of SEA-AMS tickets for $550-600 after fees lately. It looks like the open-jaw tickets are slightly more, though I've usually never noticed a big increase. Check out Sidestep, where you can see the little graph of prices with the cheapest dates to the side. It's showing flights all the way down to $520 right now from/to AMS!