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What mode of transportation for Koblenz area sights?

We'll be in Europe in the middle of October this year and we're ending our trip in Germany. We're driving the Romantic Road north from Rothenberg on our last (or second to last) full day before we fly out of Frankfurt. We want to do Berg Eltz, and Rick's suggested one hour Rhine River cruise (St Goar to Bacharach). Can we complete the Romantic Road, do Berg Eltz and the river cruise in one day? I'm guessing no. If not - do you have suggestions for how to complete this last phase, and where to stay for that last night if we do it in wo days? Also, suggestions for transportation - do we keep the rental car and do it all, or leave it? We weren't sure about the castle AND the river with o car. Thanks for your help. Linda

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As many on this site know, I don't think cars are usually cost effective, but if you want to see Burg Eltz on a tight schedule, driving is faster and might be the only way. Train transportation in that area is excellent. There are almost hourly trains on both sides of the Rhein. The only place not easily accessible by train is Burg Eltz. Most people walk up from Moselkern, but I don't think there are any roads that way; you'll have to go inland north of Moselkern and come around from the north to Burg Eltz.

Also, the Rhein cruise is ½ hour faster with the current, from Bacharach down to St. Goar. With a train, you could just go on from there; with a car you would have to take the train back to Bacharach, and, although the trains are frequent, at least one per hour, they are not coordinated with the boats, so you might have to wait a while after arriving in St. Goar.

As for the northern Romantic Road, Burg Eltz, and the Rhein cruise in one day - I don't think so. By the "Romantic Road north from Rothenburg" I am assuming you intend to go through Creglingen, Weikersheim, Bad Mergentheim, and Tauber-bischofsheim to Würzburg. You certainly wouldn't have time to stop any of those places, and just driving the Road wouldn't be that worthwhile. Better to go straight to Würzburg, stop only briefly, at Festung Marienberg for a look at Würzburg from high across the river, then go on to Bacharach. I still don't think you would have time to see Burg Eltz, but Rheinfels in St. Goar or the Marksburg in Brauback, are worth seeing, too.

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If you left Rothenburg at 8:30, according to driving times from ViaMichelin, you could get to Würzburg by 9:15. Spend 30 min finding Marienberg, look at Würzburg, cross it off your list, and leave by 9:45. Then it should take you 2 hours to drive to Bacharach.

If you get to Bacharach by 11:45, you will have 30 min to find a place to park, find the boat dock, and buy your tickets. There is a boat down to St. Goar, leaving Bacharach at 12:15, arriving at the dock in St. Goar at 12:55. If you miss this boat, the next one isn't for 3 hours, until 15:15.

The train back to Bacharach, and your car, leaves at 13:20. That gives you 25 minutes to walk up to the train station and get your tickets.

The train arrives back in Bacharach at 13:30. If you get to your car by 13:40, it is about an hours drive to Burg Eltz; you could get there just before 3 PM. Unless you take along a picnic lunch, or grab something on the boat, you will not have eaten since breakfast.

Of course, all of this presumes no traffic delays or getting lost.

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Thanks Lee, that was great info. We actually have two days on that end if we want them, we just weren't sure how much time it would all take. I think we'll go ahead and leave Rothenberg on the first morning, do a leisurely drive the remainder of the Romantic Road and actually get to see the towns, and maybe see Rheinfels. Then pick a place around there to stay the night and do Burg Eltz and the river Cruise the following day, then go over to Frankfurt and stay the nigt around there and catch our plane next day. If we've got the day, we may as well utilize and make the most of it - I don't know why I'm rushing back to work! Thanks again. I've read a lot of your posts to others and you've got some great info, thanks again.

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For the Rhine and Mosel, I like the local trains. They're cheap and drop you right where you need to go.

The Romantic Road is a little different. You can do it by train, but not as conveniently. I like Wurtzburg but you look like you're running out of time so skip it in favor of the Rhine or Mosel.

The River cruise is on the Rhine. You should plan the river cruise and maybe one other site (Rheinfels or Marksburg) in the area for one day. If you do have your car, you can use the local train to get back to your car after the cruise portion.

Burg Eltz is on the Mosel. I would plan a full day on the Mosel maybe taking in Trier in the morning and Burg Eltz in the afternoon.

Even if it's possible to do it faster, it wouldn't be enjoyable.