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What makes most sense

I am wondering what makes most sense. We will be travelling next end of summer. We will go to Scotland, Ireland and ending in Southampton to begin a cruise. Our flight will start out in Toronto Canada. At this point I am not sure which country we would fly into first - Ireland or Scotland. I am also not sure which cities we would visit, but probably just a couple of the big ones in each country. The question is - which country makes sense to fly not first, and would you suggest trains between the other two locations? Thanks so much for you input.

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Ireland first so you are only forced to take one additional flight (unless you prefer a ferry from Ireland to Scotland).

I must say, though, that I would not do what you are planning--spend the time and money to go to Ireland and Scotland just to see their big cities. Those countries are known for their beautiful countryside. If you have limited time or funds, I'd choose either Scotland or Ireland--or even England or Wales, for that matter--and spend part of my time in smaller towns or rural areas.

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Logically, it would make sense to fly into Dublin, then fly into Glasgow or Edinburgh. Train after that. How much time are you allotting for all of this precruise travel?

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Agree you should focus on either Scotland or Ireland but not both. I've had a 2 week tour around Ireland which was wonderful but only a visit to Edinburgh and now badly want to go back and see more of the countryside.

It also depends on what flights you have available from Toronto. For me, it's actually easier to go directly to Ireland. Most flights to Scotland require flying into Amsterdam or Paris then back to Scotland but from Toronto that may be different.

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From Toronto Airtransat flies direct to Glasgow, Air Canada and Aer Lingus to Dublin.

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We were in Ireland a year ago. I've not been to Scotland, however my wife much better prefers travel there over Ireland. We just found the countryside of Ireland a little too quiet.

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How long do you have?

Edinburgh (and Glasgow) are significantly more interesting than Dublin and the landscape too. I would opt for Scotland but is there any reason why England (or Wales) is not being factored in? If your cruise is departing from Southampton then there are inumerable places worth exploring within easy travelling distance from Southampton alone so you may find cheaper and more plentiful flights to London. Much of my advice will be based upon time available and previous experience of the British Isles, if any.