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What is the best way to make train reservations

I just got a three country pass. I tried to follow the instruction that came with the passes, which I purchased on Rick's website. i am not having any luck. Can anyone give me some instuctions, a phone number or a website.

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MIA, The "best way" to make reservations is usually to buy them at local rail stations after you arrive in Europe. You could buy the first reservation you'll need when you validate your Railpass. Have you researched each of your rail journeys? Depending on which trains you'll be using, you probably won't need reservations for all of them. Happy travels!

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RailEurope marks up reservations. If you have a lot, you can buy them at European ticket counter prices from Euraide, They have a one time $50 charge to print your reservations in Munich and send them here.

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Depending on where you are going, you usually don't need a reservation with a railpass unless it is a night train and you want a cabin or it is a popular route where unreserved seats are scarce.