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What is the best/cheapest way for our travel through europe?

Our trip starts in Dublin, goes to London, then paris, then amsterdam, then Berlin to Munich. From there we are going to florence then rome, and then ferry to Greece to Athens.

Is it worth it to buy global pass for 21 or 15 days rather than buying tickets at every single place.

And then should we go first class or second?


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Joe, I'd skip the pass, and think of a combo of air and train (and maybe car). Air from Dublin to London is much faster and incredibly cheap these days, I'd advice that, unless you want to see the country side.

From London to Paris air is also a good option, but the chunnel is a unique experience in and of itself.

Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, very easy to do by train. Here's where I'd use the car (personally) That area between Berlin and Munich is beautiful, and has some great drives.

I'd train again from there. :)

I've always found the passes to be more expensive, even without all the extra fees that they do charge for high speed, England etc. Hope that helps!

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I agree with some of the above, my take:

Dublin/London: Fly, Ryanair, fast and cheap (watch the baggage)
London/Paris: Train, much better and probably cheaper than flying.
Train all the way to Rome, no need for a pass, though you might consider comparing with a selectr pass, problem is you have a lot of countries (5) to deal with, driving up the price.
Rome/Athens: Personally, I would fly.

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I would do a combo train /air.
Dublin to London-FLY
London-Paris- Eurostar chunnel
Berlin to Munich-train
Munich to Florence-fly
Florence to Rome-train
Rome to Italian port-train
Ferry to Athens.
ck to help with airlines choices and use Ryan airlines Dublin to London.