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What is Raileurope all about?

Can you tell me what RailEurope all about?
My daughter booked a number of tickests from them. They seem very expensive.
I finally got the hang to the French rail site thanks to all the good folks on the fourm. And in comparison the French rail site is much cheaper than raileurope.

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Rail Europe is a ticket agency that sells train tickets in North America, that's pretty much it. They're actually owned by the French and Swiss railways.

Their service is tailored to Americans; English language website, 1-800 number, simplified timetables, FAQs etc. but you do pay a premium for all those "conveniences."

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Not only does RE charge a higher price for the same train ($151 for the Intercity Express Train between Frankfurt and Munich, vs. $128 (€87) for the same train w/ a reserved seat from German Rail), they also ignore less expensive albeit slower Intercity connections for $101 (€69, w/ reserv.) that are available on the Bahn website. In addition, they usually ignore advance purchase tickets, like the $48 (€31, w/ reserv.) Dauer-Spezial in Germany or the PREMS fare in France.

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Since I travelled to 9 countries in Europe in 3 weeks, buying a Global Eurail Pass was justified, barely. If not for the pass, I wouldn't have done any business with RailEurope. They seem to buy up all the "special" tickets for passholders and then jack up the prices on these on their website. Even buying a ticket from any one of the many machines at any rail station will be far cheaper in the long run. For limited travelling by train, avoid RailEurope altogether.