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What happened to 2nd class?

I started looking at train ticket from London to Edinburgh and Edinburgh to Inverness and Inverness to Edinburgh about three weeks ago. At that time I found quite reasonable prices in second class. Now all I'm seeing is first class at high rates.

Is this due to that the less $$$ fares have sold out?

I am needing tickets for September. The fares for that time are not released yet and the ones I was looking at were for April or May to give me an idea of what I would end up paying. At what point will those fares be released? Are the second class fares available to reserve now and you gamble on the price?

I would really rather not pay $200 for a train ticket to Edinburgh. I can fly from London to Dublin then Dublin to Edinburgh for half that. I would much prefer the train for several reasons, but at the rates I'm seeing at the moment I can't afford it.

Any advice on how to get a lower train fare?

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The key to getting discount fares is to book 30-90 days in advance.

The fare for London-Edinburgh during the day can be as low as £14 by booking at

The fare for Bargain Berths on the London-Edinburgh Caledonian Sleeper (First ScotRail trains) can be as low as £19. See

The fare for Edinburgh-Inverness can be as low as £10 when booked on the First ScotRail site.

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On the National Rail Enquires site, which lists all services, they schedules and tickets are released 12 weeks in advance. I have been looking at the fares for my trip from London to Edinburgh on June 25th, and the cheapest fare is 15.70 pounds. I have to wait until April 2nd to buy them because that is when the tickets will be available.

Also, a friend of mine in Scotland says that you have to check the prices of booking several one-way tickets as it is often cheaper than a return ticket, or in your case a multiple stop ticket.

Good Luck.