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What does "change" mean on the train Schedule?

What does "change" mean when traveling by train? Does it mean getting off the train and changing to another train or does it mean the car that you're riding gets changed to another engine or does in mean --- it could be both?

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It usually means getting off one train and onto another.

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On the German Rail website, when it lists connections between two cities, there is a column marked 'Chg.' That means a complete change of trains. If you expand the schedule for that connection (click on the '>' symbol), it will show you (under 'Products') the train number of all trains used in that connection along with the platform numbers for the change. If two train numbers are shown under products for a single leg that might indicate that the train is "broken", with some of the car proceeding under the new number. Yes. I just looked up a train that I know splits, the BOB train from Munich to Holzkirchen. The 'Product' column on the expanded connection shows three train numbers to Holzkirchen. Clicking on any of the train numbers shows the schedule of the segment that goes to Bayrischzell, Tegernsee, or Lenggries. The ultimate destination should be shown on a placard in the window.