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What does N/A mean when buying a Eurail ticket?

I know it means not available...BUT...

when I try to buy a ticket from Amsterdam to Brussels on ANYTIME (next week or 3 months from now) at the 2nd class economy rate it ALWAYS says N/A. Why? Is the only way to buy it in the station?

For the 1 hr 54 minute trip you can buy the 2nd class ticket, but not for the 2 hr 42 minute trip! Why is that? I'm looking to buy the cheapest ticket available and can't. Can anyone please help me??

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1) N/A means not available.

2) Dont' buy your ticket from Raileurope. Not only do they mark up terribly, but they don't offer tickets on all trains. Most seasoned travelers avoid them.

Go to the Thalyss website for your tickets.

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The faster trip is on high-speed Thalys trains. The standard fare is fairly high, but if you book ASAP (up to 90 days allowed) at you can get a Smoove fare as low as €25.

The slower trip is on InterCity trains. There is only one fare in each class and it is in between the highest and lowest Thalys fares for that class. No reservations are possible. Buy your ticket at the station and jump on any train.

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I was going to suggest the same thing as Tim. Just buy your ticket when you get to Amsterdam. There are frequent trains on that route every day, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Happy travels!