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What do you do with your train ticket?

We have a eruail pass & I also got our reservations & tickets ahead of time. I know you have to have the pass stamped before you board the train but who do you give the reservation ticket to?

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Ambrosia, once you're on the train someone will come around and check both your railpass and reservation and make some kind of mark on them (depending on the country and how small the route is).

We had a flexipass, so we used it for maybe 8 days of travel out of 21 days, or something like that. You get the railpass stamped at the ticket counter when you first start to use it. Ours was the kind where we needed to enter the day we were travelling, but someone still comes around and looks at everyone's ticket on the train.

I'm sorry if that sounds muddled.

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Hi Ambrosia,

... once (only), somewhere in Europe, a conductor asked to see our Eurail passes and passports (a common practice), but he then took out his hole punch and punched our Eurail passes. We didn't ask why, but considered it an interesting thing to tell someone, if ever the question were asked, say, by someone on the Rick Steves web site...
... bon voyage! P