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What do you call your GPS?

I notice that Sarah, in her Mini Trip Report re Ireland (on the "To The North" board), called her GPS "Lola," and later Nancy mentioned calling hers "Sinead."

Our GPS had a strong female voice with a distinct British accent, so we started calling her "Maggie" (after Margaret Thatcher, of course).

What do you call your GPS?


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I think that's what Garmin calls the American English female voice, but if it's not we do...:)

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OMG! We use Lola too. It's the British accent and reminded us of the cartoon the kids watch called Charlie and Lola.

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In France last fall, we called her "Josette!" I have no idea why but it seemed to fit.

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We named ours Gertrude (Gertie for short). No idea why we named her that. Should have named her..."Recalulating".

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Why on earth do you people give your inanimate electronic devices a name? Are you all brain dead?

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According the settings screen of my Garmin Nuvi, the British English voice is that of "Emily" (which is what I have it set on).

Here's some of the others:

Deutsch - Steffi or Yannick

Espanol Americas - Javier or Paulina

Espanol Europe - Isabel

Francais Canadien - Felix or Julie

Francais European - Sebastian or Virginie

Italiano - Silvia

Nederlands - Claire

Norsk - Nora

Portuges Brazilian - Raquel

Portuges Europeu - Madalena

Svenska - Ingrid


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My TomTom has the voice of John Cleese (you can download new voices from their website), so we usually call it JohnJohn instead of TomTom.

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Why, Charles??? Um, because we can??? Is that good enough for you?

Oh, my Garmin is Gertie!

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Well, I don't have a car and therefore don't have a GPS, but if I did, I would call mine "KENT".

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Ours is Susan which is the name given to her by our tomtom. Inanimate?? Maybe so, but Susan can get sassy sometimes with her "turn around when possible" with a touch of irritability in her voice after we have missed a turn. This makes her seem human and I suppose that is why she seems to take on her own personality and whey we talk back to her.

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Oh, about my first comment...I was lying. I don't own a GPS. Besides, I'm OK with "less than two" being the number of female voices offering "sassy" instruction in the car as it pertains to driving directions.

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I wasn't happy with the one we had in Ireland this summer, so I can't really post the names I had for it, seeing as they were mostly of the four-letter kind.

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I was wondering if Charles thought that naming cars, boats, ships, and space shuttles was something brain dead people did too.

People like to name things. Is naming a fish silly?

Naming a GPS that talks is fairly normal considering the response that has come in. It is called having fun.

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Mine is called The B**** and I frequently have arguments with her as she always sounds so judgmental.

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Ummm, after our first successful navigation of a double-roundabout in Scotland, "Marriage Saver". :)