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What do the Swiss Vignette and Austrian Vignette look like

There have been questions about the Swiss Vignette (CHF40, available at the border and perhaps at rest areas near the border in some areas) but it occurs to me that nobody has described what it looks like so you can see if there is one on the car you want to rent. It is a square sticky decal, a different colour each year, with the two digits of the year in contrasting colour, with the Autobahn icon on it. I pinched this photo elsewhere on the web. Note that the vignette does not say Switzerland anywhere on it nor does it have any Swiss flags or other identification. The colours change every year but the basic format remains the same. Hope that helps...

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Thanks. My only involvement with the Swiss vignette is making sure I wold be able to avoid having to get it when going in and out of the Geneva airport (French side). Fortunately the Geneva airport web site has very detailed directions and a map setting out how to do so.