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What Do I Get In Return?

I will be buying online train tickets soon from the Netherlands, Italian and German railroad websites and wondered if they all confirm purchase with actual train tickets or receipts which have to be taken to someone at the train station. Thanks.

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It really depends on type of ticket and connection, in some cases you can get print-at-home tickets, so you won't need to go anywhere, but just print tickets yourself. In other cases (particularly concerns Italy) some tickets might not be available for self-printing, so you'll have to find ticket machine and print your ticket there

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For Germany, you get a document (I believe it's a PDF) that you print out at home. It has a QR code, so you must make sure this part of the paper is not damaged. On the train when the conductor comes around, you give them this paper and the credit card you used to purchase the ticket. They scan the paper, swipe your credit card, and you're set. So, the print-at-home paper functions as your ticket - no need to exchange it for anything at the station. I haven't personally ordered online tickets for the Netherlands or Italy, so I'll let others tell you how they work.

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Trenitalia " ticketless " tickets function in a similar manner to Deutsche Bahn . you will print out a confirmation which clearly shows a " PNR " code . The confirmation also indicates the train number and the coach ( carrozza ) and seat ( posti ) numbers. You will not need to produce the credit card in Italy ,only the PNR number . Show the print out to the conductor and you're all set . One other point ; this procedure is not used for slower " regionale " trains ,only for high speed trains ( Rome-Milan ; Naples-Florence ; Florence-Venice etc. ) On " Regionale "trains your ticket must be validated in a franking machine prior to boarding . If you don't , you risk a steep fine if an inspector looks at your ticket .