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What car insurance do I need?

Do I need theft insurance? How about Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)? Avis has CDW and these two to choose as options. Do I need excess, cdw,theft, & PAI? I have travel insurance. I would think PAI would not be useful.

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You need to be extremely well covered, and not by a credit card, for collision and liability.

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Check the terms of your credit cards for rental car coverage. Some have zero or small deductibles. American Express has first-dollar damage and theft coverage, plus some medical insurance, for $25 per rental up to 42 days.

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Hi Joe. Check Rick's info on this site under Travel Tips for 'How to rent a car', then use the link to CDW / insurance advice. My credit card has excellent zero deductible coverage, I go with only that unless renting in Italy where insurance is manadatory as part of the rental. In my opinion, extra CDW, PAI, or liabillty is a waste and in fact may invalidate your free credit card coverage. Read Rick's info, then read fine print on your credit card coverage. Enjoy your trip!

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Joe, I'm assuming this is for the rental you were asking about earlier for Ireland. Most credit cards won't cover you in Ireland. I have a World Mastercard, which does, but I didn't use it because I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone about the liability coverage. I'd rather spend a few extra bucks and know I'm covered. Find out exactly what these extra coverages offer. If you have other coverage for it, then opt out.

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My main question was about PAI (Personal Accident Insurance). What will it cover that I don't have with my travel insurance medical coverage. I know from experince that after I get home, my health insurance will cover most or all of any medical cost and the travel insurance will take over where my insurance leaves off. Is there something else that PAI covers that I am not considering.