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What can we do if we want to fly home early?

We're two seniors who are planning to take up to 90 days to walk The Way Of Saint James this Fall. Younger pilgrims walking from Saint Jean Pied De Port, France take half as many days or less. What ever time we have left we plan to spend on the rest of Iberia. But what if we're worn out before the end of our 90 days is up and want to come home early? Are we stuck buying new tickets? Thanks, Scott

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You can usually contact the airline and change your ticket, paying a change fee (amount varies by airline) and any difference in the airfare, if any.

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Or, you can plan to pace yourself so that you can make the 90 days. When we were on the Camino, our guide told us that you don't "have to" walk the Camino in one session. Many folks return to finish their walk, sometimes years later.

So, you could walk some, take a few days off in one of the beautiful cities nearby, get rested and refreshed, walk some more. Take a few days in another city, walk more.

Good luck! Enjoy!

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Assuming your tickets are standard "buy ahead" tickets you will have to pay the difference in fare between what you paid and the current price plus the change fee.

So let's say your original ticket cost $1500 each. You decide you want to go home tomorrow and the current fare to get home is $3000 with a $200 change fee. You would get credit for part of your current ticket, let's just go with half, $750. You would owe $2,450 for the new ticket meaning they charge you each pay $1,450

Now if at 45 days you say 'we only want two more weeks' and call the airline you might get a better deal as you would still be entitled to a cheaper buy ahead fare.

Of course some of the DEEP discount airlines have "no change at any price tickets" so it pays to carefully read you ticketing terms, call and ask if you can't figure it out!

Have fun! And be sure to buy insurance so that if you have to come for some reason other then "we are ready to go" you don't get stuck with the bill.

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Check with the airline direct. I do know you can buy open end tickets that has an undetermined return (within certain limits). I am sure they are going to be more expensive than cheapest economy tickets.

You need to be a little careful with the 90 limit for the Schengen zone so I would plan on about 85 days to a slight pad.

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Definitely read the exchange rules of any ticket before entering your credit card details. Mileage-award tickets that I have booked on international carriers (through Alaska Airlines) have also offered exchanges to the return date for a $100 or $200 fee per person. See also Do I Need Travel Insurance?