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What are people think of RangeRoamer ?

I used RangeRoamer back in 2008 and was not impressed with the service. I was able to make and receive calls but text message did not work. The Cell service was just ok.

Their rates ~0.69/min look to be the best for prepay and postpay for my situation. I have read several post about huge bill when people returned.

What are people experience with RangeRoamer? Has their service improved? Would you recommend going with Pre or Post Pay?

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Go to any cell phone store and buy a cheap cell phone and plan. Ask about calling plans to where you wish to call. Buy plan and put 20 or 30E on it and call away. When get low, go back to cell store and add minutes. If going back again and again, buy a 3 ban, unlocked cell phone on ebay and go and buy chip for it in the country you are in at cell phone store. Add minutes as needed.