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What are my options if Air India cancels flight?

I am taking Air India from LA - Frankfurt. I'm told that Air India cancels a lot of flights. I have heard that if your airline cancels your flight that you can get put on another airline and that airline would bill your original airline. Is this true, and if so how do I go about it?


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Yes it is. Under Air India's "Contract of Carriage (The contract you agree to when you book a flight with them)": "If due circumstances beyond its control Carrier cancels or delays a flight, is unable to provide previously confirmed space, fails to stop at passenger’s stopover or destination point, or causes the passenger to miss a connection flight on which the passenger holds a reservation, Carrier shall either:

  1. Carry the passenger on another of its scheduled passenger services on which space is available or
  2. Reroute the passenger to the destination indicated on the ticket or applicable portion thereof by its own scheduled services or the scheduled services of another carrier, or by means of surface transportation. If the sum of the fare, excess baggage charge and any applicable service charge for the revised routing is higher than the refund value of the ticket or applicable portion thereof, Carrier shall require no additional fare or charge from the passenger, and shall refund the difference if the fare and charges for the revised routing are lower; or
  3. Make a refund in accordance with the provisions of Article 11; "
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Tom, I would research what your other options are, then if Air India does cancel, you can tell them what your preference would be.

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I haven't known Air India to cancel flights, but to delay them by 6-8 hours. Same idea, though.

They delayed my FRA-Chicago flight last year by 8 hours but, after I asked, rebooked me on AA (who had a flight 15 leaving minutes after the original scheduled departure time).

It's basically like any scenario: know what a good backup plan would be and be prepared to ask for it if it becomes necessary.

(also, if you're going to ask them to rebook you in Frankfurt, do NOT stand in the checkin line. Go to the ticketing line. Last year, it was around the corner to the right of the checkin area.)

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Thanks a lot for all the replies. I will get the contract that I agreed to when I bought the flight so I have a hard copy at the airport, and if necessary I will go to the Ticketing desk to be re-booked. I appreciate all the help.