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weight restrctions on Lufthansa

We are flying from the U.S. on U.S. Airways and have always carried on our "one" 21 in. bag like Rick says. This time, we are connecting with Lufthansa in Frankfurt and I have heard that they have very strict carry on weight restrictions. As someone that has had countless bags lost, try last trip even, I am afraid not to carry it on in the U.S. and we don't have much time to claim it in Germany and recheck it on into Venice. Does anyone have any suggestion other than two bags? One for the airline to lose and a light one with just one change of clothes to carry on? I should add that we have about three airport city changes in the U.S.,for the bag to get lost in before the transalantic flight! Has anyone ever carried on a nornally packed 21 in. bag on Lufthansa? Please help as I am getting worried. Thanks for any answers.

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Lufthansa's carry on regulations say 8 kg. 5 to 10 kg is more or less standard in Europe. They are quite strict about it, if they find out that yor bag is too heavy, but they do not check very often.

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I have flown Lufthansa across the Atlantic six times in the last seven years. I have a ETBD convertible bag, and it fits easily into the sizing boxes that they have in Frankfurt, although I have never had to check it. I am very careful not to exceed their 17.6# limit, so I have not had a problem. Only once did they weighed my bag, but that was on my last trip, so maybe they are starting to do it more.

I don't find the Lufthansa weight restriction to be that strict. You can easily stay under 17.6#. Use a light bag, around 2# - no wheels. Clothes are light; you can carry plenty of those - it's the other things that add up. Leave the hair dryer at home. Take just the pair of shoes you wear on the plane.

It may require some adjustments. I tried shaving with a disposable razor and decided I could do it for 2 weeks, thus saving most of the 1# weight of my rechargeable electric razor.

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Just flew Lufthansa Denver/Munich/Naples Rome/Munich/Denver.

The Munich/Naples leg was on an Air Dolomite plane and the overheads are SMALL. They were checking size - but not weight.

They only weighed our checked bag.

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I have the very same question for a United/Lufthansa connection in Franfurt! I tried to find out if I could, in Frankfurt, "gate check" my bag (where the bag is taken from the jetway and returned to the jetway at the second stop) for the last United/lufthansa leg, and I have yet to get an answer. If we can "gate check", then we can be sure our heavy bag reaches Germany from the US. Appreciate help!

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All of this is on the Lufthansa website under the Information and Service pick. HERE'S THE LINK. Briefly, 2nd class is permitted one bag not to exceed 17.5lbs for carry on. Business class and 1st class can carry on two bags that meet that same criteria. There are also dimension restrictions but you can read these on the website (they're in centimeters). On our recent trip, we used our United Mileage points to go business class. Lufthansa was so great it makes you want to throw rocks at our domestic carriers.

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What do you mean by:
"the sizing boxes that they have in Frankfurt"?

I am flying on Lufthansa from JFK to Venice next week with a 2-hr connection in Frankfurt. I am planning to take my 21" rollaboard.....I assume that size will be OK, as long as it's under the 17# weight limit?


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Glenda, the airlines care more about weight than size. If you're close in size then don't worry about it. But make sure to even out the weight of your baggage between your carry on and your personal bag/item. There are absolutely no exceptions to he weight limit, even if you're an ounce over. Refer to a previous poster for the weight limits.

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We fly Lufthansa Denver/ Frankfurt and back last summer. Very, very strict on the size. Everything into the box. And everything with wheels was being rejected. Don't think they paid a lot of attention to weight but the unhappiness over size was extensive.

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It seems to be a mixed bag with carry on. The only time I have had my carry on luggage weighed was last year in Australia on two overseas trips I took in the space of 6 weeks. It has never happened before and not since. It may just have been a short term blitz or something. I have never had it weighed in Europe. I do keep it under the size restrictions and probably have exceeded the weight but wouldn't be by much. Personally I'd be more concerned with size rather than weight.

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I flew Lufthansa from Portland, OR through Frankfurt last year. I have a backpack style carry on (no wheels) that is within the standard size limit (fits in the box thing). I was very careful to be less than the 8kg limit, even crammed the "heavy" stuff in my personal item. The clerks at the check-in counter were so unbelieveably amazed that I was traveling to Italy for 20 days with ONE BAG, they didn't even weigh it. On my transfer flight in Frankfurt, no one said a thing. Since you're starting on US Airways, you'll have the bigger issue there. If anything, in Frankfurt they would probably gate-check your bag, making it easier to retrieve when you switch flights.