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Weight check on Lufthansa

I will be taking my first trip on Lufthansa in September. I was looking at their restrictions for carry-on luggage. Their website lists: 55x40x23cm and 8kg. I googled the cm to inches and my suitcase will fit. The 8 kg weight limit = 17.637 lbs. My Rick Steves rolling backpack usually ends up around 20 lbs. So, how strict are they about weighing your carry-on bag? The personal item is about an inch smaller than my backpack, but no weight limit is mentioned. How strict are they on measuring the personal item. Thanks.

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Very strict on both weight and size. They have a box it MUST fit in when you check in, or they will make you check it for a fee. They will weigh it at check in also.

They may weigh and measure again at the gate.

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I fly Lufthansa at least once a year and I haven't been weighed at the gate but that doesn't mean they won't! I'd try to get your weight a bit down. They don't care about your personal item as long as it can fit under the seat in front of you so you can always put heavier stuff in there if needed.

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You are also allowed a 30 x 40 x 10 personal item with no weight limit. Put all the heavy stuff in it. Better than guessing the odds of getting caught violating your contract with the airline. More ethical too.

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What James said. Use a smaller, fit under the seat backpack to hold heavy items. I have had my bag weighed at the gate (it passed). In April, we saw them pulling people from the line going into the plane and checking. Most of them were told they had to gate check their bag. (I don't know if they were charged) One man was very upset as he claimed it had been under the weight when he checked in before security. They did not back down. I always try to be below 17 pounds, but my small backpack is very heavy!

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Haven't flown Lufthansa lately, but had an interesting experience several years ago. In the boarding area in Atlanta, a very stern looking lady in a Lufthansa uniform walked around eyeing the carry on luggage. Every now and again she'd stop, pick one up, and then either move on, or tell the owner it had to be checked. No need for a scale; just a finely calibrated arm.

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Very strict.
I flew to Italy on Air Canada with carryon: strict on size, no weight restriction.
Coming home on the same ticket, on Lufthansa: same bag, nothing added into it: was made to check it.
So, you must go by the rules of every airline you plan to fly on.

It's a great airline in my experience, very efficient!

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Our bags were weighed earlier this month. As noted above, they do not weigh your personal bag/purse. Put shoes or something heavy in your personal bag

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My wife and I flew from Denver to Munich and on to Rome last month. Neither of our carry-on bags were examined. My Rick Steves convertible pack was close to the stated limits. I didn't see anyone get checked. Just lucky, I guess.

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1 katherinejl, you nailed it.

As noted above, they do not weigh your personal bag/purse. Put shoes
or something heavy in your personal bag

2 A number of the airlines (including Turkish Air and Lufthansa) have no published weight limit on the "personal item" and the dimensions for the personal item are somewhat generous.

3 On those airlines all the cloth items go in the carryon and everything else goes in the personal item.

4 Makes the 8kg limit on the carryon easy for me at least.

5 KLM is an exception to that practice, they have a combined 12kg weight limit.

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We are flying Lufthansa with a stop in FRA before flying to BCN. With our economy fare, a checked bag is included for each person. However, we are going to try to do just carry-on bags.

If Lufthansa should find our carry-on bags to be over the limit at the gate (either on the first or second flight), will we have to pay an additional bag fee or penalty at the gate even if we have the right to check-in the bags already included in our fare?

I am just wondering if there is any downside to try to do carry-on with Lufthansa or should we just check-in our bags from the start. We will have a carry-on sized backpack and a soft sided wheeled bag both of which can puff out more than 23cm, but should compress down to fit the sizer. And at 8kg, every ounce will count. We will need to wear our jackets and to carry a personal item with the heavier stuff like the laptop and electronics for the carry-on bag to make the limit. I would prefer to put everything into the carry-ons and be more hands-free. So, If there is a risk of a gate fee or penalty, I might as well just check-in the bags. Please let me know.


(Edit: I just found out this morning that our overseas flight has been rebooked from Lufthansa to Eurowing Discover. I'm not sure if that makes any difference to my baggage gate check-in fee question. Thanks.)