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weekend rail discount France

Any information on the weekend rail discount card in France and the Senior discount. Traveling April, 2013. Thanks

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Donna - Go to the TGV Europe website and have a look around. First time in it will ask if you want to go to the Rail Europe website. Say NO. Also if you decide to purchase tickets on TGV Europe specify Great Britian as your Ticket collection country otherwise you'll be sent to the Rail Europe website.

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I don't know about weekend discounts, but you do get a senior discount of 25% for over 60 on regional trains in France. Discounts are not available during weekday rush hours or weekend middays.

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Actually there are two levels of senior discount in France. The 25% discount, which I have used since the day of my 60th birthday, is for anyone 60 and over. There is a 50% discount for those who buy a special senior card. Last summer we didn't pay attention when we bought round trip tickets to Paris for the day from our local hole-in-the-wall station. Without asking the agent gave us the 50% discount. However, that meant that both directions I had to use my thickest US accent to talk my way out of a heavy fine while my French husband sat mute as if he couldn't speak French. Check your tickets before leaving the window.
The lower weekend prices are outside of weekend getaway travel hours, ie. Saturday mid-day to Sunday mid-day. Friday pm, Saturday am, and Sunday pm are heavier travel times and higher priced.