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Wedding rings?

I usually never take my engagement ring with me when I travel, but I have a simple platinum thin wedding band. I am planning on taking the Tran Siberian Rail Road in August from St. Petersburg to Beijing. Any thoughts about even bringing this with me? I don't want to attract any attention and I know that I'm going through three poor countries (Russia, Mongolia, China). What are your thoughts?


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You will be fine - there are plenty of middle class and rich people in both Russia and China. St. Petersburg for one, has as many rich or poor people as NYC. Regardless, a simple wedding ring isn't going to attract much attention anywhere as they tend to be pretty universal.

In fact, wearing a wedding ring can actually be a help, as it can discourage unwanted attention from men.


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Old World theives usually only go for something they can easily grab (a wallet in an open bag, etc.). As long as your wedding ring fits snuggly on your finger, I wouldn't worry. And if you are really concerned, just do like Frodo Baggins- attach it to a non-descript chain and wear it hidden around your neck when in potentially compromising situations.

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Dominika, Tom has a good idea with that Frodo Baggins trick. Suppose you could go barefoot like Mister Frodo, too ... that would certainly distract attention from your ring. All joking aside, we hope you have a wonderful trip. P.

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I've been to China and just returned from two weeks in Europe, including Paris and Prague. On both trips I wore my engagement ring, my wedding ring, a three stone anniversary ring, and a pair of diamond stud earrings. I never took them off, and never had any problems. When I did feel uneasy, especially at night or on the subway, I just turned the diamonds around so it appeared that I was wearing plain bands. However, if you are at all apprehensive, then leave your jewelry at home and have a great time!

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A simple wedding band can be helpful for women married or not. Even unmarrieds can feel more comfortable wearimg one. It can give the suggestion that a man might be in the picture somewhere close by. Not that you NEED a man, right? There is a whole new world of solo women travellers out there!

I'd say leave your diamonds at home where they are safer. Less chance to be lost, stolen or broken.

I especially don't like the suggestion of putting your ring around your neck on a chain! Chains can get caught, break and fall off. If you must travel with your diamond ring, I would tend to think a properly fitted ring is safer on your finger.

Stick to the wedding band only...for safety sake.