Warning about EasyJet & carry on/purse

Recently took a flight on Easy Jet within Europe. Paid for checked bag and had acceptable size carryon bag. My cross body purse was deemed to be a second carryon. It is not a large bag but not tiny. Long story short, I had to fit it into my husband's carryon (which was not easy) as mine was packed full. This had to be done in about two minutes just as boarding had begun. Never had this happen with EJ on previous flights. Plan ahead for your EJ flights.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Susan, EasyJet is very clear on their rules for ONE carry-on, which doesn't mean "one plus a personal item such as a Purse or Laptop case". I'm not sure why they didn't enforce that on the previous flights that you've taken with them. In my experience, they've always been very strict in enforcing that, which has been mentioned frequently here on the HelpLine. Your post is a good reminder for anyone that might be booking budget flights, that EasyJet and some other budget airlines often only allow ONE carry-on item. Cheers!

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Yes, as we have said here many, many times, with budget airlines one means ONE, not one plus a purse. They are very clear about that. It's not a new policy, so I don't know why they didn't catch you before.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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Guess I was lucky on those previous flights...

Posted by gone
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susan, i was informed of the same thing. i just got off an easyjet flight from London to Amsterdam and packed my 2 bags into one. after i got on, i could have left my smaller bag as is. you just dont know until you get on board. happy trails.

Posted by Claudette
huntington beach, ca, usa
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I had the same experience last May. The person checking us into the plane told me to put my purse in my carryon. I thought that since I only had a small carry on bag and a small purse compared to the suitcases or backpacks that people were bringing on board that they wouldnt care if I had 2 pieces but they did. I just put my purse on top of my unzippered carry on (barely in it) and they let me through. Go figure! The rule must be followed!