Walk-in assistance and train cost

We have two questions this morning: (1) What would our point to point cost for a one-way ticket cost, traveling from Wittlich, Germany to London (using Eurostar through the Chunnel) be?
(2) Should we plan to visit the Travel Center in person to obtain this type of information and to do some more detailed travel planning (including purchasing passes, tickets, etc.)? Do you schedule specific appointments? We will be driving from our home in Redmond and anticipate approximately a 45 min. travel time. Our intended travel will be in the early Spring, 2013. We also saw your planning notes indicating that we would have to purchase our passes for travel through France before the year's end, so we need to act promptly. Thanks, Bob

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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This board is not for people to contact Rick Steves staff, it's for travellers to exchange info among themselves. You may be able to buy a cheap through rail ticket from Wittlich to London if you go to www.bahn.de around 90 days before travel. The very cheapest fares from anywhere in Germany to London are 49 euros, but they sell out fast and may have gone up a bit by the time you book.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Bob, the tone of your post sounds like you think you have reached the Rick Steves staff at ETBD. You haven't. We are sponsored by him but staff do not participate on this helpline. We are all fellow travelers who like traveling. Your questions may be better answered by the staff who can be reached by the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page. The price of the ticket will be the sum of the ticket from Wittlich to either Paris or Brussels and the Eurostar ticket (buy as early as possible, up to 120 days out; the price will vary quite a lot depending on the supply an demand; and holiday or bank holiday times). The price of the legs will also depend if you want First or Second class travel, do you prefer to go via Paris or Brussels, and other issues.

Posted by Tim
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If you book well in advance on the German Rail site, you can get a London-Spezial discount fare ticket of €89.00 for the complete route (Wittlich-Koeln-Bruxelles-London).