vueling vs easyjet rome-paris?

which would you choose? vueling vs easyjet from rome to paris next summer? Similar cost, both nonstop. thanks, Elaine

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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elaine, I've never flown with Vueling so can't comment on them, but I have used EasyJet a number of times and have been really pleased with their service. In fact, they're my favourite budget airline in Europe. I took two flights with them in September. EasyJet is similar to any of the budget carriers - no frills service, cramped seating, food is extra cost, there are always a few "fees" when booking and somewhat "limited" baggage allowances. Also, usually only ONE carry-on item is allowed. However, their customer service has been consistently good, and my overall experience with them has been "easy". Happy travels!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I have flown on Vueling twice, once Paris to Rome, and once Nice to Barcelona, and I have flown on Easyjet once, from Barcelona to Paris. I would fly either airline again ,, I would simply go by time/schedule you want and price. Both use main airports( rather then really far away ones like Ryanair does, I don't know if people realize Beauvais for Paris is not convenient, its like 100 kms for city and no direct train) both have similar safety records ( good ) and both charge you for extras like checked luggage( I always pay that up front as charge at gate is way more) I do like that on Vueling you can take one carry on , AND a purse, on Easyjet when they say one carryon, they mean ONE, had to shove my purse into my carryon, but that wouldn't make or break my choice,, I go by price and schedule.