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Vueling Flights in Spain?

We are booked on two Vueling flights during our time in Spain. One flight will be from San Sebastian to Barcelona and the other will be from Barcelona to Granada. Starting to get nervous reading some of the reviews. Does anyone have any experience/information on either of these specific flights? My biggest concerns (other than luggage of course) would be delays/cancellations or over booking on these particular flights - obviously things can happen, but wondering if it is a frequent occurrence? Any tips on flying this airline/check-in process, etc to make it smoother?

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We flew Vueling from Barcelona to Vienna. It was a nice flight. It didn't seem any different from any other airline I've flown tho there may not have been food or beverage service. Staff was exceedingly nice and plane left on time

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Flew Barcelona to Bilbao and Barcelona to Sevilla multiple times with Vueling, no problems whatsoever, these are short distance regional flights, no secret tips or hidden tricks, Vueling is the largest airline in Spain.

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Vueling is owned by an airline group that also includes Iberia, Aer Lingus, British Airways, and Level, among others. It follows the low-budget model: Extra charges for anything beyond the basic ticket, narrow-body planes, make all your choices on-line in advance to avoid high surcharges, luggage restrictions are strict. Read the website thoroughly. Flights are point-to-point. Most low-fare airlines offer no connections to other flights, including their own, even if you miss a second flight because the first is late.
One proviso: Vueling does fly some shared flights, especially with Iberia, and I do not know if you can book connecting Iberia flights as you would if the itinerary was all Iberia.
Why put up with it all? Because the prices are low, they fly to lots of places, and you are only flying for a few hours so comfort it less critical.

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My wife flew Vueling last week, London to Barcelona. The flight was scheduled to leave at 19:00 however it was delayed and she eventually arrived in Barcelona at 02:30. It might not affect you but Vueling also do not acknowledge her British Airways frequent flyer status (despite being owned by the same company that owns BA) so she was unable to benefit from the perks that her status normally allows. She avoids Vueling at all costs because of previous experience but there are occasions when she has no choice.

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We flew Vueling from Madrid to Bilbao and then Bilbao to Barcelona. We had a good experience with both flights and the cost was less than taking the train. However we did have a flight cancellation with Iberia from Sevilla to Madrid which meant we had to leave the tour a day earlier to make our connection. The airlines are unpredictable and now we schedule extra days before and after the tour to avoid missing any of the tour.

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Thanks for helping calm my worries! I was researching luggage size and happened across a lot of bad reviews and was hoping I hadn't made a mistake. We could careless about all the frills for such short flights as long as there is a good chance we can reach our destination on time (ish).

As far as luggage goes we purchase the family tickets (includes three checked bags and seats together). We are realizing that our carry on luggage is just a bit too large for their carry on policy. I am assuming it would be best to go ahead and purchase additional luggage options in advance?

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I have flown them a couple of times nothing happened. Those are short flights. You will cause yourself unnecessary stress reading reviews after you bought a plane tickets

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My husband and I have flown Vueling only once and it was from Granada to Paris with a layover in Barcelona. The flight from Granada to Barcelona was delayed due to a mechanical problem. We waited in the waiting area for quite a while with very little communication from the airline. When we did finally arrive in Paris, they had lost both of our bags. Also, with both flights, we waited in line for a very long time outside and on the stairs leading to the planes' entrances. That being said, the flights were efficient and got us where we were going. They were cheap in comparison to to other carriers. We received our bags our first day in Paris with excellent communication from them after we figured a few tricky things out about the proper phone numbers, etc. As I stated this was a one-time experience, only, so I don't know how they are on a regular basis.

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Our 10am flight, Seville to Bilbao, was changed to 10pm which did not work for us at all. We had to change our itinerary for the following three days due to Vueling.