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Vueling flight credit - advice needed

Hello everyone

I have approx €850 of Vueling flight credit. Part of it expiring this October, the rest in November.

I’ve contacted Vueling and they aren’t open to extending these dates. The credit was given to me early last year for obvious reasons.

Due to all the travel conditions, and my wife being pregnant, we’re unable to travel before the credit expires.

Has anyone had any experience getting a refund? Vueling customer services are not at all helpful and I’m not keen on losing €850 just like that.

I’ve posted on sites like SpareFare but no luck as of yet (it’s been over a month since I posted). I’ve also spoken to my bank and they aren’t able to help as the transactions happened over 120 days ago.

These are transferable and not tied to my name or details.

Any help or advice would be amazing! Thank you all

That’s really not a bad idea. Thanks! Are you locked to the destination that you selected when buying the TimeFlex ticket?

Will certainly consider it.

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The terms of the Vueling flight credit program are remarkably flexible with the exception of the date of expiry, as you noted in your original post.

The conditions of TimeFlex tickets are included in Vueling's Conditions (Contract) of Carriage under Section 9.

Interestingly, the Conditions of Carriage do not make reference to free cancellation (for travel credit), though Vueling's fare comparison chart does reference this. Since the cancellation would be in the form of "Flight Credit," it would appear to be subject to the terms of the Flight Credit program (linked above) and to have the same restrictions as your current credit (i.e., very few restrictions).

The one caveat is that I cannot find anything on the website that gives a specific stated amount of time the credit would be good for when canceling a TimeFlex fare. It's probably worth calling/texting/Tweeting Vueling to get a little more information.

One other option: Follow the Christopher Elliott strategy for solving your own consumer problem. In your case, you could write a short letter/message to Vueling's Customer Experience Manager (her address and e-mail address are on the website's list of contacts for Vueling).

Be positive and be concise. You want 4-6 sentences that state the problem (credit expiring but pregnant) and state your proposed solution. I think you are more likely to get an extension of the credit for a year than a refund, so that would be my ask. It's usually helpful to throw the company a bone like "We've really enjoyed our past Vueling experience and are looking forward to flying again" (if you've flown before) OR "We've heard so many great things about Vueling and are really looking forward to the chance to fly on your airline" (if you haven't flown Vueling in the past). AVOID THREATS like "we will never fly Vueling again if our credit is not extended" -- that greatly decreases your likelihood of success.

A positive, concise, clear message to the right person often results in success that cannot be obtained from a customer service rep who is just following what the computer screen tells him is company policy.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do that research and for your amazing response. Really appreciate the help and advice :). I’ll try the suggestions in this thread and hopefully come out with the problem solved!

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How did you fair out?

Like you I have Credit about to expire. I do not have a pregnant wife......

As previously suggested I was thinking of booking flights with cancellation cover but not sure if it applies when booking with previous Credit!


Hey @stully1

Funny you should reply now, I've actually had an update just this week.

I didn't really do anything after posting on here earlier this year. I spoke to Vueling and they didn't help at all.

But a few weeks ago, I decided to be a bit smarter to try and get my money back. This is what I did.

I searched online for Vueling flights that have been regularly cancelled - likely due to covid, but the reason isn't important here. So I booked the next available flights for the destination that was being cancelled for slightly more than my voucher credit (to ensure I get the full amount refunded). I had to book 5 weeks in advance, but when the departure time was 2 weeks away, I received an email to say that my flight was being cancelled and I could choose between a cash refund or flight credit.

I don't need to tell you what I chose :)

They sent me a link to enter my bank details, and my money is back in my account.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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You, my friend, are a smart person. Congratulations on the backdoor refund.