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Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy--thoughts?

I'm toying with the idea of going to England in mid June (after the Jubilee is over so hopefully there won't be so many crowds!). I have about 90K points with Virgin Atlantic, and 51K points with Chase credit card that can be transferred to VA points. It's been my dream to fly first class for the past several years. I figured after not being able to go since summer 2019, I would have had enough points to fly first class going from NY to London and then Economy on the way back, or Economy Delight on the way back. However, my quick calculations say nope, I still do not have enough points.
So I am thinking about Premium Economy on the way over.

Wondering about a couple of things: Are the prices for my first choice (dream) so high because I've waited too long to book? Has anyone done the overnight flight with Premium Economy, and if so, were you actually able to get any sleep?

I just read a news story that airline prices are skyrocketing. I wonder if waiting until 2023 is a better idea...Been feeling very sad and mixed up about traveling this summer. Thanks for listening!

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The only time I ever got a free upgrade, it was on Virgin to Premium Economy, and you'd have thought I had died and gone to heaven! I didn't even sleep (this was on the flight home) because I was so comfy. It felt like a recliner compared to coach seats. They do not recline fully, so don't expect a full night of sleep.
I am someone for who first class will always be out of my price range, but premium economy on Virgin did actually feel like something special (compared with a lot of rip-off premiums on other airlines). It is late to be buying June tickets, so you can expect high prices unless you luck out--it is just the sad fact that everything has gone up, along with demand. But if you can afford to go, go--you won't regret it!

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VA sells Delta One for 77,000 before June 15 and after about September 1. I would expect those tickets to sell out fairly quickly. I have never been shown VA business class because they don’t fly from my airport.

If you wait until August or so you will be able to get business class on either VA or Delta for next spring. Considering the shortness of the flight, maybe RT in premium economy is a better use of points.

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We love VA PE. I find the lie-flat seats in First Class too confining and would just as soon sit in PE. I really don't sleep in either class. The last time we flew VA, the brand new airbus plane had so much leg room in PE that the people sitting in the inside seats could walk to the aisle without the aisle person getting up-which would be great if you were on the aisle and asleep. For me, the difference between PE and the euphemistically named "main cabin" is worth the usually reasonable price difference. The difference between PE and First is not worth the very sizable price difference.

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We have been very comfortable flying VE Premium Econ. We prefer the daytime flights from the east coast to LHR and LGW.
On our first VE flight ( overnight) we were upgraded to First Class and I still have the pjs they gave all iFirst Class passengers.

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Thank you all for your advice and help. I'm thinking I might be better waiting until next year. And the Premium Economy seats sound very nice indeed! Honestly, I'm not sure I'd be able to sleep on a plane even if I were lying flat! I suppose people do it, of course. I am able to sleep sitting up in a La-Z-Boy recliner/rocker at times.

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7 years ago switched from VA Economy to Premier Economy and have never looked back.

I take the overnight flight LAX to LHR and yes I’ll sleep. Aisle seat.

Returning to London this July for Wimbledon. Booked my VA airfare in February.