Villach to Rome Night train question

Hi all, Looking at going from Salzburg to Rome via an overnight train later this summer and noticed that the trip involves a connection in Villach (which is the night train) a little after midnight (OBB EN 235). I would be reserving the entire 3 person sleeper compartment and was wondering if there are any issues with boarding the train and having people already in the sleeper car as the train originates from Vienna? Or do they keep the compartment empty and reserved for the passengers boarding later in the journey? Thanks in advance. Eric

Posted by Eileen
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That train originates in Vienna and departs at 19:30 and only stops in Villach for about 5 I'd assume (never a safe thing to do) that no one is in your compartment bofore it's yours... It looks like it IS a sleeper car from Vienna, though...but your compartment should arrive fresh and empty; I've taken many night trains where I boarded down the line and others were already tucked-in. So, board quietly :-)

Posted by eric
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Thanks for the quick response. I'm hoping there's nobody to wake up as I will be reserving an entire sleeper for ourselves. Now I'm on to another problem. The OBB website only allows for 5 travellers when I try to book online (There will be 6 of us, 3 adults and 3 children). When I try to break it up into 2 separate transactions, the website will let me book a 3 person sleeper for 2 adults and 1 child, but when I try 1 adult and 2 children as an option, it errors out. I've called the OBB helpline at 43 5 1717, but they guy said he only spoke German and in perfect English, said he was the only one working the phones that night. Too funny... So I guess I have to wait until late tonight to try to get someone a little bit more helpful so I can book these tickets. Regards, Eric