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very fast Global Entry renewal

Inspired by recent posts here I put in my Global Entry renewal application using the newer TTP trusted traveler system since the previous GOES has been replaced on the morning of the 20th - the Homeland Security website says the grace period is now 24 months instead of 18 months because of their backlog.

I got a notification message at 1:10 am on the 22nd that my renewal has been approved, no in-person interview necessary. That's less than 48 hours turnaround, not 24 months!

There is a list of in-person enrollment centers for new applicants and another list of enrollment centers that allow you to enroll on re-entry from your next int'l arrival -- it's curious that SFO is the only place listed on the first list, but OAK and SJC and Sacramento are listed on the second list.

The new expiration date is 5 years from my next birthday; If I had waited until the day before my birthday to put in the renewal and the turnaround had been 24 months, then maybe I would have gotten two extra years coverage for free?
(I'm not disappointed, just spitballin')

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I just renewed mine and my experience was the same as yours.

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48 hours vs. 24 months sounds pretty good to me! Congrats, Avi.

I am just hoping next time I arrive in the States I have enough time to do my interview so I can finally get GE. When I went at Christmastime, the line was just a little too long, and by the time I made it to the desk, the guy had gone on a break. 🙄

They seemed shocked i didn't just want to wait; I pointed out i still had to get my checked baggage, recheck it, go back through security and make it to my gate for my onward flight !!

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We recently applied for Global Entry and received our conditional approval in less than 24 hours. The next day we received an email encouraging us to use Enrollment on Entry after our next international trip. Considering that there were absolutely no interview appointments at any customs site this is what we will do. I wonder lack of personnel or demand is causing the Department of Homeland Security to adjust their procedures.

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My renewal was within 24 hours. I infer that because there were no significant changes or updates, it didn't require much checking.

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Nice Avi! I have applied for renewal too but have a passport update so haven’t heard back yet. The world is changing fast, the two extra years may or may not happen or may not matter (because of some change to global entry) in 5 years time :p

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My wife and I recently had to renew our global entry. My wife did not need to do the in-person interview. It was simple. Unfortunately, I did not get the same option despite applying for renewal the same day. I had to jump through the hoops to do an in-person interview. The person at CBP who waited on me said it was likely random that I got chosen for the interview. Lucky me?

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I also wanted to mention regarding the Global Entry card, because we've noticed that it isn't usually necessary to carry it around since your trusted-traveler status is associated with your passport number, that the card counts as a REAL ID --

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Last year, I emailed my GE renewal on Monday and received the card on Saturday. No interview required. This was after I was warned about an 18 month delay in emails sent to me throughout that week. It was a 5 day turnaround!