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Vernazza to Venice...Help with Train

I am going from Vernazza to Venice on July 16th, 2008. I know that the regional train is going to take me from
Vernazza to La Spezia
La Spezia to Bologna
Then the regular eurorail will take me from
Bologna to Venice
I am to arrive in Venice at 1317. My problem is that when I look-up this itinerary for July 16th on nothing comes up. I look it up for May and parts of June and the itinerary exists. Is it that they have not updated the schedule this far in advance? How far in advance do they usually have there schedules on the computer? If I look at the May and June and I just assume that this itinerary will exists for July? Also, with regional trains do I have to purchase a ticket if I already have a eurorail ticket? and is it correct that there are no reservations for the regional trains. Thanks. Sarah

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Sarah, you broke the code. Trenitalia is way behind in getting their schedules online for periods of time after June 15. My wife and I know the run you are describing. We've been on it. Great run. You are also correct that you need to catch an early train to La Spezia to be in time for the 7:52am train to Bologna. You'll need the 6:36am or 7:16am local to get there in time. If you want to take some breakfast on the train with you, you may want the 6:36am run as there is a McDonald's at the La Spezia train station. You may not have time to get quick food if you take the 7:16am train.

What's really great is that you have the whole afternoon in Venice.

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First, there is no such thing as "regular eurorail". Eurail is not a railroad; it is a company set up by a consortium of European national railroads to market railpasses to people outside of Europe.

And, the Eurail pass is valid on regional rail lines as well as on express trains, but it might not be valid on privately run lines. I would say that if the connection appears on the Trenitalia site, the railpass is probably valid on it. If in doubt, check with the ticket office to see if you can use the pass. You don't have to purchase a ticket if it is valid, and there are no reservations for regional trains. Just get on and find a seat.

Note that the Italian EuroStar (ES*) from Balogna to Venice requires a reservation and payment of a supplement (€15 total) before you board that train.

An example of a privately run railroad would be the FNM line that runs from Malpensa airport into Milan's Cadorna station (Malpensa Express) and up to Como Lago. That railroad is not owned by Trenitalia, but by shareholders; the majority of the company is owned by the state of Lombardy. Their website does not indicate that they accept Eurail passes.

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Sarah, I wasn't able to find connections from Vernazza to La Spezia on 16 July, but according to Rick's Guidebook the trains going in that direction leave Monterosso al Mare at 06:32, 07:12, 08:13, etc. (I'd recommend the 06:32 train, to be "safe").

I did find listings for trips from La Spezia to Venezia S.L. The one you might consider departs at 07:50 from La Spezia Centrale, with two changes at Genova and Milano, arriving Venezia at 14:30. Reservations ARE required! If this is your first trip, be sure to read the "Rail Skills" section in the Guidebooks regarding train changes and finding the next connection. Often the change involves a "sottopassagio" (tunnel), so one has to be quick. Milano Centrale is a bit easier (although somewhat chaotic) as there's just one large platform.

You indicated that you have a "eurorail ticket". Are you referring to a rail pass? If so, you will STILL need to purchase reservations, as these aren't included in the cost of the rail pass. If you buy P-P tickets, the reservation fees ARE inlcuded in the cost of the ticket. Your reservation will usually specify Carozza (car no.), Posto (seat no.) and whether this is an aisle (Corridoio) or window (Finestrino) seat.

AFAIK the only station in the Cinque Terre that handles reservations is at Monterosso. I took the short train ride from Riomaggiore to Monterosso a few days before I was going to travel, and arranged my reservations for the outgoing journey (had a nice lunch while I was there as well). The ticket on the local train is about €1 and is good for six hours, so you can use it for the trip back as well.

Hope this helps. Happy travels!